"I learn by going where I have to go."

- Theodore Roethke, poet

I learn in the Present Moment, or I don't truly learn at all.

Learning may begin with instruction from a teacher or a book but there will always come the point at which I must take action towards what I want to learn -- I must practice at the piano, I must sit down to write poetry, I must work to come wide awake in the middle of an argument in order to see it with as much clarity as possible. True learning takes place when my participation in any given moment leads to something new (previously unknown) occurring. Participation is unfettered and unlimited by the mind, which is only capable of remembering knowledge (what it has learned in the past) or imagining an outcome (what its past knowledge projects for the future). The only place I can "go" to truly learn is, in fact, the Present Moment. My entire life is constantly taking place right now -- and by choosing to participate within the present moment, I am assured this life is one of true learning and continuous growth.