"It isn't so much that hard times are coming; the change observed is mostly soft times going."   - Groucho Marx, humorist

Does the sun set? Or are we turned away from the sun by the movement of the earth?

All living organisms are rotated, naturally, through the opposites -- meaning that night and day follow each other continuously in a natural cycle of growth. Both are necessary. We are never fully overtaken by darkness, we are simply moved away from the light...and then moved back into the light again. I must work to see that the same holds true interiorly. If I view darkness only as loss (of people, possessions, powers) I fall victim to negativity, depression, anxiety, bitterness. But if I view darkness as necessary preparation for the exploration of unknown territory within myself then I willingly give myself over to this revealing and healing cycle. I am not meant to struggle or resist darkness by actively seeking a way out of it -- I am meant to rest in the faith that it is necessary for my growth and that the light of new understanding awaits.