"And remember, we all stumble, every one of us. That's why it's a comfort to go hand in hand."
   - E. K. Brough, writer

Spiritually, I am like a child who is learning to walk, not knowing what drives me to look for God or why, yet urged on by the growing certainty that I am within a much larger world that awaits my exploration.

This path of discovery, where clarity ebbs and flows, is filled with unexpected stumbles when I find I have misjudged or regressed or gotten overwhelmed. In these moments I'm shocked and surprised by my limitations. Such shocks are actually invitations to see that it's not that I am limited, it's that the world I am within is limited. In recognizing this fact I am actually moved beyond that lower, limited world into a higher world encompassing it. Learning takes place in this way, when one is lifted from a lower realm to a higher realm, and clarity follows. These realms are ever-ascending and encompassing, which means I am an eternal student with an ever-present master, whose hand is always there to help guide me through life and keep my stumbles from becoming tumbles. Eventually I will learn to not just reach for the master's hand when in need, but to actually walk hand in hand with him at all times.